Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Saturday Competition

Cheers everyone!

We need to arrive at Southern High School at 8:30 a.m. Saturday. New uniform, hair should be all-up with competition bow and bling make-up on. Please do not arrive earlier than 8:30 a.m. as they have planned parking and seating based around different sessions for different levels and we are participating in session 2. All times are approximate and can swing 30 minutes earlier or later, so please be on time.

Parents will enter at the SPECTATOR ENTRANCE with the fee being $4 adults, and $2 kids, no Sr Citizen or Family Rates. Please … no food and drinks are to be brought in from the outside. If so, you will be asked to dump them in the cans near the spectator entrance – thanks in advance for helping us out with this!

Parents will enter on the “visitor” side of the gym to wait for the session before to END. Then we’ll have them cross the gym and take the “home” seats between sessions. Thanks in advance-your help on this will contribute to the organization and promptness of our competition!


Cheer GRAMS – will be sold for only $1 – these are read before each team and you can give a shout-out to your cheerleaders – Flowers – various colored roses – price $2 each or (3) for $5

SPIRIT AWARDS—there will be a Spirit Award for each Session. This is given to the team (picked by the judges and “secret ST A people” all over the competition campus. Your willingness to work w/other teams, and true spirit on and off the floor will be taken in consideration.. Parents – while it’s important to be spirited in the stands, we also are watching from a “squad” standpoint.

All MIDDLE SCHOOL TEAMS will be in the running for GRAND CHAMPION given at the end of Session 2

SESSION 2 - Middle School
Optional 9:00 coaches mtng in small gym


Division 1

St. Edward (LEVEL 3) 17
Practice 8:45
Perform 9:30

St. Gabriel (LEVEL 3) 16
Practice 8:50
Perform 9:35

Washington Co. Middle School (LEVEL 3) 16
Practice 8:55
Perform 9:40

Jefferson Co. Trad. Middle (LEVEL 3) 16
Practice 9:00
Perform 9:45

Division 2

Carrithers Middle School (LEVEL 3) 17
Practice 9:05
Perform 9:50

St. Nicholas Academy (LEVEL 3) 18
Practice 9:10
Perform 9:55

Henryville Jr. High School (LEVEL 3) 15
Practice 9:15
Perform 10:00

Ramsey Middle (LEVEL 3) 18
Practice 9:20
Perform 10:05


****************PARENTS OF 8TH GRADERS*************

I need 4-6 baby pictures and 1 current picture for the video. I must have these on Saturday! Please bring with you to competition in a small ziploc baggie and turn in. If you would rather not give me actual pictures, please scan pictures on disc and provide disc to me.

I am really trying hard to finish video early because last year I was under the gun at the last minute. I would like to distribute one to every cheerleader at the banquet.


Hello All,

We will let you know ASAP when we receive information about the competition scheduled for Saturday. We do not have times. We know it will be held at Southern High School on Preston Highway.

Also, we are working on the banquet (date, time, place) - please continue to check for updates as we will not see cheerleaders after Saturday.

Angela and Tammy

Thursday, February 19, 2009



I wanted to make it clear that Angela is bringing the girls brown bag lunches for after school on Friday. You do not need to send one.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello All,

Here is latest info we have on Chicago. I am handing out an information sheets at tonight's game but since we have some out sick I wanted to make sure that the info is available for everyone to review.

Sunday, February 22
Check-in/Registration Begins - 11:00 AM
Ticket Sales/Doors Open - 11:30 AM
Coaches Meeting - 11:45 AM


Team Name - JCTMS
Division - Small Jr High
Check-in warm up area - 2:50
Warm-up 1 - 3:00
Warm-up 2 - 3:05
Perform - 3:20

Team Name - St. Patricia
Division - Small Jr High
Check in warm up area - 2:55
Warm-up 1 - 3:05
Warm-up 2 - 3:10
Perform - 3:25

InterContinental Chicago
505 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago IL 60611
(312) 944-4100

*You will be required to pay for parking if you drive your own vehicle
*We will check out Sunday morning and pack luggage on bus before leaving for competition

Event Location:
Navy Pier
600 East Grand Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611

Spectator Pricing: Adults (18 years and older): $10Students
(4-17 years old): $5
Child (3 and under): FREE

Parking: The cheerleaders and as many of the parents who want can ride the bus to the event otherwise please see info on parking. Spirit Cheer hosts events at large venues that may charge parking fees. These fees may vary per vehicle (cars vs. buses). All parking accommodations are managed by the venue and fees are retained by the venue as well. Thank you for your cooperation.

Our hotel is located on Magnificient Mile! There are tons of things to do in Chicago, I would encourage everyone to visit the tourism website ( There will be free time on Saturday for you and your family to do some sightseeing and attractions. Here are just a few I found doing a short search....Shopping (of course), Sears Tower, Hancock Observatory, Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, Art Institute of Chicago - free for February (my favorite!), Chicago Children's Museum.

Angela and Tammy

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hello All -

Here is the bus plan ======

All parents riding the bus will meet on Friday at 1:45 p.m. at the Okolona Church of Christ. You are welcome to leave your car at the church. We will load all luggage and proceed to pick up cheerleaders from JCTMS. The girls can change clothes in the bathroom before getting on the bus. (Please have your child pack a small bag with an extra change of clothes to bring to school) Cheerleaders if your parents are not riding the bus and you want a pillow and blanket, bring them to Angela in a garbage bag with your name on it to practice.

We are providing brown bag lunches with sandwich, chips and drink for the girls on Friday afternoon after school but will be stopping for dinner, please make sure your child has money.

Parents who are driving - PLEASE - make sure you bring all of your child's luggage with you. We do not want someone leaving their uniform at home.....

Any other questions, call Angela or Tammy

A & T

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Hello All,

JCTMS ROCKED!!!! Congratulations to all the girls - they did great! The routine was clean, sharp and there were smiles on those faces - we are so proud of them. I wish Tara could have been there to see them. Thanks to all the parents, we couldn't have won the spirit award without your help. A big hug goes to Ivy for hanging in there and performing today, you definately took one for the team.

Please check with your cheerleader to see if she has a form for you to fill out. I missed a few girls (sorry) please get the form on Tuesday and have filled out by Wednesday. Spirit Cheer will post an updated competition time tomorrow for teams in Chicago (this is still subject to change until Sunday morning at the final check in). We will have more information available at Tuesday's practice.

This week is going to be crazy - please bear with us. We will try and get info out as soon as possible.


Angela and Tammy

P.S Tonya, I posted it but where is Destiny in the picture?? ha ha (=

Friday, February 13, 2009


Hello All,

Arrival time for the competition on Sunday is 12:45 p.m. at

12101 Sycamore Station Place
Louisville KY 40299

Cheerleaders need to wear new uniform, competition bow, hair all up (just like last week) and bling make-up. Please send hairspray and bobby pins, in case we need to re-do hair.

All outstanding balances (bus fee or competition fee) for Chicago should be paid by Sunday. Please check with Angela if you need to know how much you owe. On Sunday we will pass out information packets for the Chicago trip to parents, we need any forms filled out and returned during Tuesday's practice.

Angela and Tammy

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Hello All,

We are proud of our girls, they have had a lot of changes this week and overall did well. We just need to get our confidence up.

Monday the boys and girls both play. The girls should wear their rhinestone uniform with the white bow. The cheerleaders will ride the bus after school to Meyzeek for the boys game and then they will need to go to Male for the girls game. If we can get 4 to 5 parents to commit to go to Meyzeek we can carpool the girls again like last week. They will need money as we will stop for food. Please call Angela or Tammy on Sunday if you can attend the game at Meyzeek and carpool the girls.

We need drivers for Tuesday. We are not sure about practice on Wednesday, it depends on if there are tournament games.

Next Sunday we have a competition at Hoops, we know it will be during the afternoon but don't have specific information yet. We will let you know as soon as we have more information. Here are some dates and upcoming events.

February 15 - Hoops Competition
February 20 - 22 Shakin' Chi-town
February 28 - St. Anthanatius Competition

Angela and Tammy

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Updates and upcoming events.....

Hello All,

The first tournament game for the boys has been rescheduled for Friday after school at Shawnee High School. Cheering for this game is optional - practice is not! Cheerleaders should wear rhinestone uniform and white bow. The cheerleaders who choose to participate will ride the bus to Shawnee after school. We have enough drivers to transport the girls from Shawnee to the gym for the MANDATORY practice. We will be stopping for something to eat after the game on they way to practice, so please send money with your cheerleader. If your cheerleader chooses to not cheer for the game, please have her at Gymtyme no later than 6:00 p.m. Practice will be from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. on Friday.

The JCPS competition is on Saturday. We need all cheerleaders at Moore High School on the Outer Loop at 1:15 p.m. Cheerleaders should wear new uniform and competition bow. No bling make-up, jewelry or nail polish is allowed.

Angela said the practice today went really well. Thanks to the girls for their patience while the routine is being changed. Keep it up!!!! Chi-town here we come!!!!

Angela and Tammy

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Hello All,

The game for Wednesday has been cancelled. We will have practice on Wednesday as usual at the gym. No practice on Thursday and then we will have MANDATORY practice on Friday night. We reserved the gym for 6:30 - 9:00 but Tara told the girls 6-8 at practice today, we will clarify with Tara and gym and let your child know tomorrow.

We do not have any information about the competition on Saturday, as soon as we do we will pass it on. This competition is put on by Jefferson County and since school was not in session last week they are probably running behind.

Angela and Tammy

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Hello All,

Tournament is cancelled on Monday. Watch for updates regarding Tuesday's practice.